Loin – for your steaks

The cup or capocollo . Also called loin in Umbria and Lazio, it represents the part of the back adjacent to the head. It is generally used for the production of steaks or for roasts. In many parts of Italy it is used for the production of cured meats meat cure.

The loin or pork loin . Also called loin in some northern regions it is given by the upper part of the animal’s ribs. It is a cut that can be used to obtain chops, i.e. pieces of meat covered by the bone that can be cooked on the grill or in a pan. If used in a single block (ie more ribs attached and back by side) it can be roasted or boiled.

The scannello . It is located just above the thigh of the animal, as a continuation of the loin. Its characteristics are a cross between the two cuts, so much so that it is usually left attached partly to the thigh and partly to the loin.

The cuts of the loin with the characteristics of the capocollo , ie consisting of different muscle bands interspersed with an important amount of visible fat, are perfect for obtaining particularly tender and tasty steaks and chops.

meat cure

The fillet

Pork fillet is one of the best known, tender and lean cuts of pork and is characterized by a delicate flavor. However, its softness is not comparable to that of veal fillet and consequently other pork cuts are often preferred, perhaps fatter but certainly tastier, such as capocollo or rump.

The fillet, which is found in the loin, can be left in the chops or sold individually. Its dimensions, in fact, are smaller than those of cattle, just think that a whole fillet weighs an average of 400 g.

In the kitchen this cut can be used to create different dishes as long as they are well flavored or wrapped in bacon before cooking.

With a few tricks and wise combinations, it is possible to obtain delicious dishes rich in taste, not to mention that when left together with the chops it acquires tenderness and flavor thanks to the presence of the bone.