Things to know about choosing a wedding suit

Wedding is the biggest day in the life if you are not wearing a perfect suit, then how it becomes special and memorable. To attract the sight of everyone in the event, your suit is the best tool. It should be a complement to your partner’s attire. A stunning bespoke wedding suits will make it a memorable day in the life.

What are the things to know for choosing your perfect suit? Let us see here.


To make a completely bespoke suit is not easy in a single day; it might take months with a lot of changes and fitting appointments. So it is required to plan to give time to make a suit with your complete design and make a hassle-free memorable day.

Choose style

If you are choosing your first bespoke suit, you pick the right options or style to improve the status. If you want to experience fine fitting and the best fabric, it is possible with bespoke custom fits. Raja Fashion in Hong Kong offers different styles of tailored suits. It is the best place to pick your first bespoke suit hong kong.

bespoke wedding suits


Get smarter with a waistcoat

To get smartness in the look you can opt for a waistcoat. The selected waistcoat must be matching to the three-piece suit. You can select three of four buttons in the waistcoats based on your preference.

Finishing details

Think about other accessories that can style your wedding suits like shoes, ties, cufflinks, and a pocket square that will give finishing. With all these finishing details your final suit looks more elegant.

Match with your groomsmen

Your groomsman is also an important person on your special day. Select them a suit that is more complementary to your bespoke suit.

Make an appointment at Raja fashion to customize your bespoke suit in Hong Kong.