Feel the Pulse of the City Just at your door step!

Are you finding the urban setting residence for a stay in Kowloon? Oootopia offers the best stay in their residence which is suitable for the working professionals. The best place which is very much accessible for the business districts of Kowloon you can book your stay to three accessible destinations of our residence at Kai Tak, Tai Kok Tsui, and west @Hku Station. This property of Kowloon is professionally operated apartments where you can find maintenances and guest services all the time.

The residence is almost located in the centre of the urban city where you can enjoy the bus network easily. We are almost located nearby the Hong Kong’s shopping districts where you need not travel to pick your daily needs. Also there are many multi-cuisine restaurant facilities with rich cultured and you can easily arrange your party and meetings. This service apartment kowloon provides you the best and delightful retail outlets with its cosy rooms and user friendly living areas. Services here they offer in a friendly and efficient way that would make you stay again in Oootopia.


You can book your stays either it’s a short strip or it is a long stay with the best price in the town and you can almost enjoy a home away from your home from preparing your own meal to rest yourself in the living area with your favourite shows in the comfortable spaces of your room. Here we offer the comfort and the stay like bridging the gap between the luxury and conveniences. Many of you here are expected to be hotel-like structure for the serviced apartment but we One of the concierges and Steven facilities is helpful to bust the city of Honk Kong at your door step with modern fixtures.